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Construction Health and Safety

Health and Safety Management Solutions Tailored to your Business:

The costs of non compliance are significant in human, financial and reputation terms, severe fines and imprisonment are now a reality.
Ensuring your legal compliance within an environment of ever increasing health & safety legislation is complex.
As your health & safety management consultancy we work in partnership with our clients to:
  • Identify and minimise risks
  • Remove avoidable costs
  • Improve business performance

Protecting personnel and business


Health and Safety Legislation:

Health and safety: the real risks...

Under current law, the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), an employer has a duty to keep their people, as well as other people on their premises, safe in the workplace and their business activities.
A wide range of complex health and safety legislation has since been established placing responsibilities on senior managers and directors carrying the risk of fines or imprisonment.
Absenteeism due to illness and injury, the cost of business downtime and the associated loss of productivity and reputational damage are all consequences of health and safety failures – in some cases leading to the demise of an organisation.
Solent Safety Services Limited can help you comply with all your health and safety legislation requirements, remove avoidable costs and improve your business performance.
Health and safety policy is not just for large organisations. Did you know:
  • All employers and self-employed people have to assess risks at work
  • Businesses with five or more employees should have a written health and safety policy
  • Businesses with five or more employees have to record the significant findings of their risk assessment
  • Employers have a duty to involve their employees or their health and safety representatives in health and safety matters
  • Employers have to provide free health and safety training or protective equipment for employees

Construction Health and Safety:

Statistics show accidents in the workplace cost British industries up to £18 billion every year.
Our specialist team of construction health and safety consultants, offer practical solutions and risk control strategies, in this high risk sector. Many of the team have construction skills which helps with the implementation of the CDM regulations.
We are passionate about ensuring everyone on-site stays safe and healthy.
Construction health & safety services include:

  • Principal Designer
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Management Information
  • Consultancy

Contact Trevor Willcocks on 07748 114196