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Fire Safety Consultancy

Fire Safety Consultancy:

Fire is a constant risk in the work place and can have a devastating effect on your business. In fact in financial terms alone it costs British businesses £7.7 billion every year.
Our fire safety consultancy team offer a comprehensive range of fire management solutions, delivered by specialist fire consultants, with vast practical experience as ex fire officers.
We concentrate on delivery of practical, cost-effective and innovative risk management solutions, which are specific to our individual client requirements and in line with their unique business drivers and objectives.
Fire safety consultancy services include:

  • Fire Safety Analysis
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety Management Systems
  • Fire Safety Liaison
  • Fire Safety Consultants

Fire Safety Analysis:

The fire safety analysis has been designed to identify a company’s current position in terms of its compliance with fire safety legislation.
The objective of the fire safety analysis is to compare the client’s current arrangements for fire safety management with recognised standards against those standards with which the client wishes to attain.
The result of this will see a comprehensive analysis and action plan being produced. This serves to ensure our clients achieve continuous cost effective improvement in fire safety risk management.
Key benefits of the Fire Safety Analysis include:
  • Conducted by a qualified competent adviser, to identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing arrangements
  • The review provides an action plan, for responsibilities of directors and employees, communication, escalation, work by contractors and tenant responsibilities
  • Audit of fire safety training
  • Methodology and consistency of fire risk assessments and fire plans throughout the portfolio

Fire Safety Risk Assessments:

Fire safety risk assessments provide an important process in protecting both a business and its workers. Our fire safety consultants undertake Fire Safety Risk Assessments where the assessment is designed to comply with current legislation and guidance. Once the fire safety risk assessment is completed an action report will be provided.
The action report will identify any corrective action required and give priority to the recommendations.
Fire Safety Risk Assessments include:
  • Fire safety team have vast experience in risk assessment
  • Provide assistance with occupancy calculations and more complex issues of fire engineering
  • Formulate an action plan to address shortcomings to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
  • Dual skilled consultants complete health and safety assessments during same site visit
  • Our fire services business unit are able to install fire alarm systems and smoke detectors along with supplying all your signage and extinguisher needs

Fire Safety Management:

Solent Safety Services Limited Compliance has built its fire safety services on providing a powerful fire safety management system that ensures the safe control of fire risk.
Delivered via either a web based system or paper based allows our clients to effectively control their fire safety risks.
Our web based fire safety management system that is tailored to your specific needs, activities, policies and procedures. Examples include:
  • Shopping centres and large multi occupied office buildings
  • Unmanned Sites, e.g. retail parks, industrial estates, common areas
  • Hosting of third party reports & documents

Our paper based manual system is ideal for office buildings, shopping centres, distribution centres and other enterprises. Benefits include:
  • The general workplace risk assessment is completed by expert consultants
  • Detailed action report gives clear advice on additional control measures
  • Health and safety policy statement, organisation and arrangements prepared
  • Library of work procedures and employee training information
  • Contractor management package, with permits to work
  • Training of the relevant personnel on how to operate the system easily and quickly

Fire Safety Enforcement:

As a result of changes to fire safety legislation, a fire authority is no longer required to provide Fire Safety Enforcement solutions to fire safety issues that they have identified as requiring improvement.
It is the sole responsibility of the business owner / building occupier to resolve any matters that have resulted in Fire Safety Enforcement notice being served.
Our expert fire safety enforcement consultants will take a risk based approach to ensure the issues are resolved satisfactorily in the most cost effective manner.
Our independent Fire Safety Enforcement team can provide advice and guidance in difficult situations, and also liaise directly with fire authorities to avoid pending enforcement action and ensure your site remains compliant. 

Fire Safety Consultants:

Our fire safety consultants can deliver fire safety consultancy either as an individual service or as part of a complete risk management solution, tailored to your specific needs.
Thanks to our successful partnerships, our fire safety consultants have the skills and understanding to provide whatever solution you require.
We only employ expert fire safety consultants who are familiar with current fire safety legislation, many of which are ex members of local fire brigades and specialists in their field.
Fire Safety Consultants can provide the following services:
  • Solutions tailored to client specific requirements
  • Fire safety delivered as part of a complete risk management solution
  • Specialist in successful partnerships with large commercial multi-sited organisations
  • Only employ experts who are familiar with current fire safety legislation
  • Ensures legal compliance

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